Hi—My name is Blythe Brumleve and in 2009 I founded my first side hustle called GuysGirl. Since the launch, I’ve blogged, podcasted, SEO’d, socialized and marketed to expand my side hustle into a profitable media network.

And I want to help you do the same with one-on-one training and consulting for your digital presence. Whether you’re a wanna-be blogger or Fortune 500 company, my extensive experience and custom packages can save you a hell of a lot of time and whole ‘lotta money.

Live outside of North Florida? Ask about remote and live video training. No fancy equipment required.


User Experience & Design

The average person decides whether to stay or leave within 5-seconds of visiting a website. Make sure your experience is the best with easy navigation, optimized copy, fast loading times and attention grabbing calls-to-action.

Creative Content

Blogging, content marketing, native advertisements, podcasts are all buzz words for creating fist-pump content. And we have years of experience doing just that.

SEO, Social & Email Marketing

A website without an SEO  and distribution strategy is like a lonely billboard in the middle of a forest. Break through the clutter with simple tips and suggestions unique to your goals.

Advertising & ROI

Social media, ‘Pay Per Click’ ads and other forms of online advertising are becoming essential to digital media. But just because it’s essential doesn’t mean it has to be intimidating. We’ll even teach you how to prove ROI.


guysgirl media

GuysGirl Media

GuysGirl Media, LLC was formed in 2013 as the primary business operations for all publishing, brand+media+agency partnerships, advertising, training and consulting.

On Board My Carrier

Before sports broadcasting, I started marketing in the logistics+transportation industry. I know first hand how slow to adapt this industry can be so I came up with On Board My Carrier. OBMC is digital solutions provider for small to mid-sized 3PLs who are looking to optimize tedious tasks that won’t break the bank or leave them at the mercy of a TMS.

guysgirl is the flagship site of GuysGirl Media and is considered the voice for the female fan. Founded in 2009 by Blythe Brumleve, the site focused on the growing female fan segments in the areas of sports, gaming and entertainment. Flash forward just a few years and women either dominate or make up nearly half of these fandoms most thought were strictly “for the boys”.

questionably classy

Questionably Classy

Questionably Classy is for the women who know what they should do but don’t always do it.  We work hard, love harder and like bottomless brunches. A lot. QC is the place where millennial women can share honest but anonymous stories about their personal lives with a few tasteless jokes mixed in.